“What is the current value of your iOS Apps?”

“What is the current value of your iOS Apps?”

AppZapp will give you the answer for this within few minutes.

Sunday, December 21, 2014 —
“What is the present value of all my downloaded Apps?” For the first time, you can now receive a quick and simple answer to this interesting and exciting question.

For that reason, the developers at AppZapp are making a free PC and Mac tool available for download at http://www.appzapp.net/en/sync-tool/


After opening the program, it automatically recognizes the iTunes library and the scan for Apps may be initiated.

The identified Apps are being displayed in a list. Before transferring the collected information to the AppZapp account, the user has the option to review it once again. 

After depositing the data in the AppZapp account, the result is available in AppZapp Notify (iPhone) and AppZapp HD (iPad) under “My AppZapp” > “MyApps”.

A simple click on the calculated total value at the bottom right displays a detailed analysis that can include App categories, for example. Even our developers and editors were astonished about the result. 

Many developers periodically reduce their Apps or even offer them entirely free. Consequently, an account that allows the user to obtain Apps for very little money may now be worth several hundred, or even thousands of dollars.  

AppZapp’s sync tool offers the user the fantastic opportunity to carefully examine his App library – entirely free. 

This is a tool that any App enthusiast should definitely check out. 


AppZapp Notify for iPhone

AppZapp Notify is perfect for anyone that has plans to expand his app collection in a budget-friendly, or even free fashion. App price alarms are more than easy to set up. 

Personalized alerts let iPhone owners not only save on currently reduced Apps, but also on those that are going to be on sale in the future.

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